Creepy Carrots



Jasper is a rabbit, and he LOVES carrots from Crakenhopper Field. He eats the Crakenhopper Field carrots on the way to school, while at ball practice and during his walks home at night. That is until the carrots began to follow Jasper. From malevolent shuffling to flashes of orange out of the corner of his eye, the carrots that Jasper had once loved had become creepy! Even Jasper’s parents couldn’t soothe his suspensions that the carrots here after him. Then, one day, Jasper had a brilliant idea to outsmart the creepy carrots...but you will need to read the book to discover Jasper’s grand plan and whether or not the carrots are truly creepy!

Peter Brown’s illustrations add drama of the story. The color palette consists of subtle gradations of black, white and gray along with touches of orange, which becomes reminiscent of film noir. Each illustration is framed in black adding to the cinematic aesthetic.  

Creepy Carrots is a highly entertaining (and creepy) read! Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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