Curse of the Ancients

Infinity Ring series
Book cover for the Curse of the Ancients

Book four of the Infinity Ring  

In the beginning of the book we find Dak, Riq, and Sera have just travelled to the age of the Maya people, in the middle of a storm.  Like the other books in this series our three heroines are traveling back in time trying to correct the past to save the future world from Cataclysm.  This story looks at the creation and destruction of the Mayan culture, and their greatest legacy the Mayan Codex. As the three time travelers learn about the people around them, they realize that the SQ has distorted the history of the Ancient Mayan civilization. Something feels wrong, as if they are in the wrong year.  Can they save the Mayans and themselves before it is too late?   Will they be able to find the break and fix it in time?  

After Dak is hurt saving a little girl, it is up to Riq, Sera and their new friend Kira to continue with the mission.  Sera has a secret and she can not reveal what she found out when she went ahead in time and saw the future.  She saw the Cataclysm and she knows that she cannot do anything to prevent it while she is stranded with Dak and Riq in the past.  Now there is some urgency added to the series.  They must accomplish their time travels and fix the breaks in order to prevent the Cataclysm.  The constant theme running through the entire series is the thought “Fix the Past, Save the Future”. 

This is a good science fiction story with lots of action and mystery.  The series focuses on historical times and places and helps children understand the past.  These books are a step up from the Magic tree house books and similar to the Haddax’s Misssing series. 

I would recommend this book for grades 3-6 and ages 8 – 12. 

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