The Weird series published by Free Spirit Publishing focuses on bullying from three perspectives: the bullied child, the bystander, and the child who bullies.  In Dare, Jayla is bullied by Sam, until a new girl named Luisa becomes Sam's target.  Sam starts to dare Jayla to bully Luisa too, and Jayla is too scared to say no.  She's glad that Sam isn't bullying her anymore, but now she feels terrible that she is bullying Luisa too.  Jayla needs to find the courage within herself to do the right thing and stand up to Sam by treating Luisa the way she wants to be treated. 

This series really demonstrates the feelings that a child has when being bullied and when trying to keep from being bullied, and the conflicting emotions that occur when watching someone else be bullied and not knowing how to react.  The other books in the series are Weird and Tough.

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