The Dark



What happens when Lemony Snicket teams up with Jon Klassen to create The Dark? Pure awesomeness!

Laszlo, a small boy clad in pale blue pajamas, lives in an old, rickety house. But, he isn’t alone. The dark is with him, and it terrifies Laszlo. At night, Laszlo arms himself with a flashlight and a nightlight to ward off the dark. Each morning, Laszlo carefully creeps to the basement door and greets the dark in hopes that the dark will NEVER visit him. Then the dark does the unthinkable, it consumes Laszlo’s entire home and eerily beckons Laszlo to the basement. What will the dark share with Laszlo? Will Laszlo ever overcome his fear of the dark?

Klassen’s illustrations create a visual world for Snicket’s suspenseful text. Laszlo’s house looks as creaky as Snicket describes. When the dark engulfs Laszlo’s house, Klassen cuts through the darkness with Laszlo’s flashlight only leaving part of the space illuminated.

The CCBC awarded The Dark the 2014 Charlotte Zolotow Award for the best text in a picture book. Lemony Snicket visited Madison to receive his award and gave a memorable acceptance speech as he sang about the importance of words while playing an accordion. Check out the video here.

The Dark is recommended for preschool through 2nd grade.

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