The Day the Crayons Quit

The day the crayons quit


This book made me laugh out loud, and not many books can make me do that.  When Duncan looks for his crayons, he finds letters instead.  Each letter is written by one of the crayons, pleading with him to treat it a little differently.  The red crayon needs a rest, purple desperately needs to see Duncan color within the lines, beige just wants a little respect.  Blue crayon wants a break, green is worried about his friends, and peach is embarrassed about having lost its wrapper.  Duncan of course finds a way to make all the crayons happy, and make his teacher happy too.  This book received starred reviews from  Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal, and I loved it too.  I would be happy to share this book with a group of school age children who would understand the book perfectly.

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