The Death Catchers

bookcover for the Death Catchers

In a letter to her English teacher Lizzy Mortimer tells her story about how she discovered that she was a Death Catcher, formally known as “The Hands of Fate”, like her grandmother.  She has this gift to see the future death of people that are close to her.  She finds out that she is related to Morgan le Faye and the sisters of Avalon.  She uncovers the Arthurian origins of her destiny and is charged with saving the last descendant of King Arthur from an untimely death that would endanger the world.  This last descendant of King Arthur is her secret crush, Drake Westfall, a student at her school and a very close neighbor.

There are many funny situations involving Bizzy, her grandmother and some narrow escapes by Lizzy and her friends, especially Jodi and Drake.  The story has a creative mix of Arthurian legend, romance, and fantasy.  The plots include a planned robbery, a vision of Jodi dying and Lizzy’s attempts to save Drake.  The characters are likeable and realistic, particularly Lizzy and her grandmother.

This first book in a series should appeal to a wide range of fantasy lovers.  The book is geared towards students in  grades 5 – 8.

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