Billie Breslin decides to leave college and move to New York City, where she has an interview for a job as an assistant to the editor of the prestigious food magazine Delicious.  Billie’s amazing ability to name all the ingredients in a dish by only tasting it, amazes the staff and secures her the position.  It doesn’t take long for Billie to realize that she not only loves her job, but is also beginning to love the large, eccentric magazine family.  Sadly, not long after she is hired, the magazine is abruptly shut down by the current owner. Everyone is let go except for Billie, who is kept on as a hotline operator. It is during this time that she discovers a long ago abandoned library in one of the upstairs rooms. In it she finds old file cabinets filled with letters and note cards containing recipes dating back to WWII. By following clues and notations she finds on the cards, Billie is able to follow a correspondence between a 12 year old girl named Lulu and the famous Chef James Beard. These letters take Billie back into wartime America, where food was rationed and people had to get very creative when preparing meals. For example, did you know if you add milkweed to rice, it tastes as if you added cheese? The more letters Billie reads, the more intrigued she gets; so much so that she begins to wonder if perhaps Lulu is still alive and if so, could she find her?  There are so many things Billie would love to ask her if she had the chance. Pick up this book and find out where Billie’s search leads.

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