Each Kindness

Each Kindness

Regretting a lost opportunity to offer friendship and kindness is the strong, thought-provoking message of Jacqueline Woodson’s Each Kindness, which won the 2013 Charlotte Zolotow Award. It is a simple story of young grade school children, Chloe and her friends, rejecting every attempt at friendship from their new classmate, Maya, because she appears poor and wears only secondhand clothes. When Maya suddenly stops attending her school, Chloe, begins to think about what she has done. The teacher presents a lesson on kindness and how even small kindnesses make a difference.   Chloe is left to ponder what kindness she should have shown. Recommended for ages 5-8. Note:  The Charlotte Zolotow Award honors the author of the best picture book text published in the United States in the preceding year that is aimed at children ages birth through seven.

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