Eleanor & Park

a novel (2013)
Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park are two high school misfits living in 1986, Omaha, Nebraska. Park is half-Asian, his mom is Korean and his dad American, and looks just different enough to stand out in his white bread community. Eleanor has long, frizzy red hair, is full-figured and lives in one of the saddest situations you can possibly imagine. She has recently come home to her 4 siblings, mother and no-good stepfather after having been away for over a year.

These two seem a very unlikely couple, but slowly develop a relationship through sharing a seat on the school bus. This book will suck you in and hook you to the characters right away. Rainbow Rowell skillfully tells a tale that is authentic, tender, and heart-wrenching at the same time. You will want to reach into the book and hug Eleanor yourself! Have some tissues nearby when you read this one --- your emotions will be doing a roller-coaster ride all the way through. The ride is totally worth it!

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