Elizabeth the Queen

The Life of a Modern Monarch (2012)


Smith presents a richly detailed account of this remarkable woman and her fascinating family. Readers will recognize Elizabeth’s father, George VI, as he was the lead character portrayed in the recent film, The King’s Speech. He died at the age of 56. Following his death Elizabeth ascended to the throne. She was in her middle twenties when she became queen in 1952. Her Diamond Jubilee was celebrated in 2012. Queen Elizabeth continues to play an active role at age 86. Her grandmother was Queen Mary and her Mother was called the Queen Mother. Both of these women played important roles in the life of Queen Elizabeth. Each of the Queen’s prime ministers is brought to life. Elizabeth endured the deaths of her sister, Margaret, and her Mother during the same year, and the death of Diana. Elizabeth enjoyed a life-long appreciation and love for horses and dogs. The author speculates whether Charles will be the next king or will his eldest son, William succeed his grandmother. What is the future of the Commonwealth of Nations? What is the future of the British monarchy? These questions will be answered in time.


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