Flat Broke

The Theory, Practice and Destructive Properties of Greed. (2011)
Flat Broke

In this sequel to Liar, Liar by Gary Paulsen, fourteen year old Kevin is broke from having to forfeit his allowance because of his earlier habit of lying. He now schemes to get rich fast by any idea that pops into his head such as starting a poker club, “borrowing” a golf cart that is in the repair shop to do nightly snack runs to college students, convincing his sister to charge her friends for beauty services, cleaning garages for pay and throwing the contents illegally into a company dumpster. Kevin justifies every step with rules he has read out of context from his mother’s business books such as “The successful person has vision that others lack.” He uses this logic to organize the poker games because the other guys are “terrible players” and therefore it is an easy way to make money. When this plan collapses, he maintains his optimism—“It’s looking on the bright side that sets the successes apart from the failures.” He reasons that it was a good thing because now he will have time to work for Amalgamated Waste Management, pay his debt to them and maybe even land a real job there. Humorous throughout, this will attract even reluctant readers who will enjoy a fast-paced, hilarious read.

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