Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times

Flights, Chimes and Mysterious Times


This steam punk adventure takes place primarily in Londinium, a dangerous alternative London ruled over by the Lady and filled with all things mechanical. Periodically, the Lady longs for a son who is completely flesh and blood with no clockwork pieces. When this happens she sends someone to cross over into the other London to bring one back for her.

 Home from boarding school for the summer, Jack is bored. His mother and father never have time for him and, truthfully, he feels that no one wants him very much. When he meets the mysterious Mr. Havelock, he finds himself becoming insatiably curious about magic, about mysteries and about this strange man who seems, out of all the adults in his world, to truly want him for something.  

 The problem with other worlds is that in them the rules are different and getting home, assuming one wanted to, can become a difficult problem indeed.


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