This wordless picture book shows the impact of a storm on a home and family.  It begins with idyllic scenes, but soon we see the family watching the weather and reinforcing the windows of the home.  When the rain starts to fall the family packs up some belongings into their car and drives away from their home, which is now surrounded by the ferocious storm.  Some of the pictures in the book are frightening, such as the picture showing the living room engulfed by waves, or the trees uprooted.  When the family drives back their house is unhabitable, but it doesn't stop them from rebuilding and making the house fit to live in once again.  The book ends again with a scene of a happy family playing in the yard.  This book could be used successfully in explaining storms to children, and how the damage from storms is not necessarily going to be permanent.  The digitally created images are quite vivid.  Recommended for use with elementary age students.

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