Fortunately, the Milk

Fortunately, the Milk


  Milk is good for me. I know this and I try to drink it once in awhile, but I can’t say that I really enjoy it.   The only time I find milk indispensable is when I am eating breakfast cereal. Once, being out of milk, I tried water. In case you were wondering, water is not a good substitute for milk on cereal.

 If anything similar has ever happened to you, then you will understand the dilemma at the beginning of this story. Mom is gone for the weekend and the children find themselves threatened with a milk-less breakfast. Fortunately, dad understands the problem immediately and heads off to buy some more milk. After a long, long time he returns. He has the milk, and he also has…a story.

This delightful adventure is a fun, quick read with something for everyone. There are aliens, pirates and ponies (one with a sparkly mane!). There is a time traveling dinosaur, a volcano and, most important of all...MILK!




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