Which brother in this future dystopia is the” true son” or messiah of a society split between those who have psi (the telekinetic power to move objects with the mind) and those who have none?  Who will the true son save or liberate?  One brother, a 12-year-old named Taemon , discovers that his psi includes remote viewing and other gifts but he loses his psi abilities after he hears a voice giving him permission to kill his brother Yens.  Taemon is then banished from the psi colony and sent to live with those who have none.  There Taemon meets Challis, an aunt that he thought was dead.  She tells him many secrets and soon Taemon will return to fight his brother Yens for the title of “true son”.   This satisfying and fast paced story has a bit of a surprise ending.  Recommended for grades 5-8. 


Book #2 of the Psi Chronicles, Archon comes out in October of 2013.

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