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French on the Move for Kids

Are you looking for games to play and music to listen to while on a car trip this summer?  Or perhaps you want a new project while waiting for school to start again?  OR are you a “Fancy Nancy” fan who longs to add some new words to your vocabulaire extraordinaire  Français?  Try these audiobooks, available on the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium’s Overdrive Digital Downloads Collection, which can be found through the InfoSoup online catalog.

 “French on the Move for Kids,” developed by Catherine Bruzzone, features fun and catchy songs, both original and traditional, that teach basic but relevant words on topics such as numbers, colors, family, holidays, school, animals, weather, and food (“The Pizza Song” is one of my favorites). Before each song, the narrator asks a question that the listener may answer by listening carefully to the lyrics.  The answer is revealed when the song is over. There are also a number of games throughout that help kids develop vocabulary, basic grammar and conversation skills.  In addition to the vocabulary, listeners hear the pronunciation of several typical French names.  Much of the program is spoken and sung by people with real French accents.  Only 50 minutes long, it’s easy to listen to a little or a lot at one time, process, practice, and build basic skills without being either overwhelmed or bored.  Available in Windows Media Audio format, it is down and up-loadable on windows media and ipod devices, and can be burnt to a CD for further use.  There is a “Spanish on the Move for Kids,” as well as an “On the Move” series for older listeners.

 Hear-Say FrenchAnother audiobook, “Hear-Say French,” by Donald S. Rivera, is a dictionary with a twist!  It features the pronunciation of French words that symbolize everyday objects and actions, preceded by the sounds they make--animals, appliances, vehicles, people, etc.  Kids hear the familiar sound, then the word for the thing making it.  The narrator, with a real French accent, says each word twice, encouraging practiceIt’s a good way for kids to build vocabulary on the go.  Available on both MP3 and Windows Media Audio, It is down and up-loadable on a wide variety of compatible computer and device formats, and can be burnt on a CD for further use.  A companion e-booklet chock full of comic-style illustrations can be checked out and downloaded as well, and is compatible on many computers and e-readers.  Kids may find it helpful in identifying the things making the sounds on the audio.  There are more “Hear-Say” audio dictionaries in the series, including German, English, Italian and Spanish!

  These are just two of many world language resources, in a variety of formats, accessible through the public library!  C’est chouette! It's great!

 “French on the Move for Kids” is recommended for ages 3-8, though others may enjoy a whimsical way to learn the basics.

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