The Frog Scientist


This award winning non-fiction book is part of the Scientists in the Field series.  It's full of amazing photographs of a variety of mostly cute frogs.  There are a few exceptions.  One is a photo of the Sororan Desert Toad held by Dr. Tyrone Hayes who says, "He looks like a cow turd."   The Frog Scientist follows Dr. Hayes, his students and his son,Tyler, on a day of field biology where they collect 50 frogs as part of an experiment.  Dr. Hayes is studying the effects of a pesticide on the development of leopard frogs.  He attributes the decline and extinction of frog populations to habitat reduction, global warming, disease, herbicides and pesticides.  The many contrasts in this book add to the overall impact. While being introduced to the personal life of this scientist and his love of frogs, readers are also introduced to key concepts of scientific research.  While some pictures lovingly show us the beauty and variety of frogs from around the world, other pictures show frogs in the lab and frog dissection. This stunning book includes a glossary, an index of featured frogs and toads, recommended websites and multimedia, as well as a bibliography of further reading. This book is recommended for ages 9-14.

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