Game Over, Pete Watson

Game Over, Pete Watson


Pete Watson is ready to purchase Brawl-a-Thon 3000 XL, the hottest new video game available, on the day it comes out, only to find that his mother has borrowed money from his savings.  To make up the difference, Pete holds an impromptu garage sale, and sells his dad's vintage game console, the CommandRoid 85 to the Bug Man.  From there on, things get crazy fast.  Pete's dad gets kidnapped and is trapped inside a video game inside the CommandRoid 85.  Turns out, Pete's dad is actually a spy for the CIA, and the console was his way of receiving secret codes.  A killion dollars is at stake (what's a killion dollars you ask?  its a number so large it could kill you), and if not paid a computer virus will be spread across the world.  Pete has to enter the CommandRoid 85 himself to save his dad and save the world from the computer virus.  The pictures, especially the 8-bit graphics, are fun additions to the book.  I'd recommend this book to kids who love video games, and who like Wimpy Kid or Big Nate.

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