Get Ready for Jetty

My Journal About ADHD and Me (2013)
Get Ready for Jetty:


In this title published by Magination Press (an imprint of the American Psychological Association), Jetty is new to 4th grade and discovering that 4th grade is not at all what she was expecting. The book is in a diary format, as Jettys 4th grade teacher expects her to keep a diary. She has too much homework, is easily distracted, and is very quick to anger and to becoming upset. Jettys parent take her to a doctor where she is diagnosed with ADHD. At first, Jetty denies the diagnosis. She couldnt possibly have ADHD. She doesnt run around all the time or get in fights, but then recognizes other symptoms in herself. Jetty is a realistic character and readers will like reading about her journey. There are four pages of notes for parents and children with ADHD at the back of the book.

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