Haunted Memories

Cover for Haunted Memories

This is the second book of the Saranormal Series

This second installment of this paranormal series finds Sara Collins settling into her new home in Stellamar.  Sara has an unusual gift, she can see ghosts and now she is able to communicate with them.  At the end of book one, Ghost Town, Sara finds out that she is not the only one who can see ghosts.  Her landlady, Lady Azura, a fortunate teller, can see spirits and tries to help Sara explore her abilities.  Summer is over and Sara is ready to start school.  She has a vision of meeting a cute stranger and then when school starts she meets him.  His name is Jayden Mendes.  Sara somehow knows that he is destined to be her first boyfriend.  But he has a ghostly companion who stays by his side at all times.  The ghost seems intent on keeping Sara and Jayden apart. Who is this ghost, and what is his problem with Sara? What secrets does Jayden hold—and will these secrets keep Sara from falling in love?

There is another plot twist in the story.  Sara is somehow signed up as a contestant for the election of the Harvest Queen at her school, but she does not want to do it.  A ghost, named Alice, signed her name to the ballot and wants Sara to become the Queen so she can feel like she had won the crown and thus be able to move on.  Sara explores the history of Stellamar and discovers that Alice was a victim of polio and was accused of spreading it to the other children in Stellamar.  One of the humorous scenes of the story is when the Harvest Queen contestants give their speeches, or attempts to give their speeches.  Alice has a part in the performances of these contestants.

The book ends with a happy resolution but raises questions about Jayden's ghost and what the future will bring. What will Sara face in the third book, Mischief Night

This is an easy and fun book to read, for those who like ghost stories that are not too scary.  The story moves along quickly and will keep your attention.  I would recommend it for ages 9 – 12, or grades 4-7.

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