Henry and the Cannons

An Extraordinary True Story of the American Revolution (2013)
Henry and the Cannons


In 1775, the British Army had settled in Boston, and General Washington had no way of getting them to leave.  Bookstore owner Henry Knox had the idea to retrieve 59 cannons from Fort Ticonderoga...in the middle of the winter.  This involved traveling over ice, snow, mountains, woods, lakes, and once in a while there was a road to follow.  After fifty days of traveling from Fort Ticonderoga, Henry arrived in Boston with all 59 cannons. 

On March 17, 1776, the British awoke to see 59 cannons staring down on them and 9000 British soldier fled.  According to the book, they left behind an additional 250 cannons.  A bibliography is included at the back. 

This book received starred reviews from Booklist and School Library Journal.


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