Home in the Cave


Baby Bat never wants to leave his cozy cave where thousands of little bats and their mothers sleep together like a huge furry coat and where Mother Bat provides warmth and milk. But Baby Bat grows bigger and must soon practice wing-flapping to learn to fly and hunt in the outside world. One night when he practices wing-flapping, he takes to the air, but falls down into the nest of Pluribus Packrat. P. Rat takes him on a flashlight tour of the dark cave to meet other creatures who live there including a phoebe, a blind salamander, a cave cricket, a cave crayfish, beetles, and centipedes,. The cave exploration is a learning experience. P. Rat explains that some creatures are white because they do not need color to hide from their enemies and that many are dependent on the bats for survival. This is an engaging and educational work in picture book format. The eye-catching art is created using mixed-media of colored pencils, crayons and paint.

A special

For Creative Minds educational section is included for classroom study. Free online resources and support are available at www.SylvanDellPublishing.com. including Life in Cave Zones, Hands On: Bat Echolocation, Teaching Activities (to do at home or school), and Interactive Quizzes. The author, award-winner Janet Halfmann, lives in South Milwaukee. Recommended for ages 4 – 9.


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