The Humans

The Humans

The Humans is a book I could reread once a year.  This is a bold statement, I know, especially since the premise is an alien assassin has been sent to Earth to kill a mathematician and erase all evidence of a potentially dangerous theorem.  The story and our narrator, the alien acclimating to human life, become much more.  I appreciate a narrator that confides in the reader and becomes a fully developed voice in your mind’s ear.  Matt Haig’s alien fills that role beautifully.  He allows you to join him on his journey and rediscover what it means to be human and vulnerable.  Wrapping up the book is an explanation of where Matt Haig was in life when he created this story.  The Humans becomes an even greater treasure for it.  I will not spoil it though.  I hope on some level you connect with this novel and its narrator. 

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