I’m your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen


From the very beginning, the persona of Leonard Cohen has been somewhat of a contradiction. He’s a gentleman but also a ladies man and he was fond of saying he was “born in a suit” in Montreal 78 years ago.  Simmons has written a comprehensive account of the charismatic Cohen who is sometimes considered the Canadian Bob Dylan. Along the way, Cohen mingled with the star folk singers of the day including, Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins. One of his albums was produced by Phil Spector, a harrowing experience. Cohen was born a Jew but he spent several years in a Zen Center in Los Angeles and he became an ordained Zen Buddhist monk.
His best-known song came late in his career. His masterpiece, Hallelujah, appeared on the Shrek soundtrack and it was covered by nearly 200 musicians. Cohen finally gained the recognition he deserved. Fascinating story.

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