If We Survive

If We Survive


It will readily become apparent to most readers of this blog that I am swiftly becoming the action adventure book reviewer. My  favorites are well written action adventure books with a quirky sense of humor. Andrew Klavan’s If We Survive  is an excellent exploration of how people react to terror and extreme circumstances. Although I generally shudder at the mixture of unclear voices, unrealistic verbiage, and  the uneven rhythm of the character dialogue found in most books, Klavan’s use of first person narrative allows a nearly seamless flow between the dialogue  of the characters and the monologue of the lead character.


In the book If We Survive six Americans find themselves in a suddenly hostile Central American country under the control of a man that one character calls “soulless psycho killer”. Facing down firing squads, spiders the size of your fist and a raging river, they will discover true courage if they are going to make it home.


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