Inside Outside

Inside Outside

These opposites, and other concepts, are delightfully explored in this wordless picture book by artist Lizi Boyd.  The front cover depicts a boy, dog at his side, peering out the window of a cheery house, while birds and other creatures fly and frolic in the yard.   On the title page, the boy is at the open door, inviting the reader/viewer into his peaceful, happy world of dreams, plans, projects and play.  Inside, he contentedly makes preparations for spring planting, while out the windows, two snowmen are in view.  Each subsequent page shows a scene from a room inside the house, or outside in the yard, where the boy and his pets engage in a variety of activities as season follows season: exploring puddles, picnicking, gardening, raking leaves, and sledding outdoors; to drawing, reading, crafting, playing with puppets indoors, all while die-cut windows give a glimpse of life on the opposite side.  Observant viewers may notice how the boy’s indoor activities relate to his experiences outdoors, and vice versa.  There are many details for kids to pour over, inviting them to make up their own stories and predict events based on what they see; or identify seasons and shapes, play counting and seek-and-find games, with the objects on the pages.  Kids will return again and again, discovering new things with each sitting.

Recommended for ages 3-6.

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