Island of Fire

Unwanted Series, Book Three
Cover for Island of Fire

In the third book of The Unwanteds series, Alex and his friends go on another spectacular adventure.  This book picks up right where The Island of Silence leaves off.  Book 2 ended with Mr. Today gone, Artime in ruins and Lani and Samheed prisoners on Warbler Island. Alex Stowe, the newly head mage, is faced with restoring Artime and saving his friends. With no magic at his disposal, it seemed all was lost. At the same time the two new characters, Sky and Crow, the silent children from Warbler, add a new dimension to life in Artime.  Alex relies on Sky for support and encouragement. 

With no water or food, Alex is helpless to prevent the Unwanted from leaving Artime and returning to servitude in Quill.  He must find a way to get to Warbler Island and rescue his friends and still keep Artime safe from Quill and his brother’s desire to take over as sole ruler.

Immediately a daring rescue mission is started to get Samheed and Lani back, but this turns into a potential disaster as you find out the ship is controlling itself. The ship leads to another island where Sky finds her mother and breaks the spell on the ship and the rescue continues. More adventure occurs when Alex nearly dies and Sky almost runs away.  Another cliff-hanger ending leaves Artime under attack from another enemy that threatens  both Alex and Aaron.

These are only a few of the questions to be answered with the next installment:  Where did Aaron get sent to? Will he make it back in time to help with the attack? Will the imposing war reunited him and his brother?  New readers will have to start at the beginning in order to catch up.

I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the Percy Jackson series, the Kane Chronicles, the Hunger Games, and the Harry Potter series, or any other book with magic and suspense.  The recommended age level is for 4th through 8th grade or for children, both boys and girls ages 9 through 12.

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