Jane, the Fox & Me



Jokes about her weight and laughter behind her back as she passes groups of students in the halls replace Hélène’s friends. In her thoughts, Hélène replays each cruel remark from her peers until she believes each statement to be true. There is no one to share how she feels or what is being said. She is alone in a stark gray world.

To escape, Hélène begins to read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. She finds a friend in Jane, and meeting Jane is only the beginning. After a chance encounter with a fox on a camping trip and forming a new friendship with a classmate named Géraldine, Hélène recognizes that she is more than what she lets herself accept. Through these meaningful connections, blues, greens and yellows dance across the page and brighten Hélène’s world of gray for good.

Jane, the Fox & Me is a touching and honest portrayal of how we view ourselves and how connections with others affect our self-perceptions for better or for worse. Recommended for 6th grade and up.

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