The Kindling

bookcover for the Kindling

Book 1 of the Middle School Magic Series

The story takes place in a typical suburban town with three ordinary thirteen-year-old teenagers who one day discover that they have unusual powers kindling inside them.  Conner, his twin sister, Lexa, and their best friend Melaine discover some unusual things happening to them at school and at home.  A stranger in black is following them and their teachers are suddenly tracking them.  It’s not until they are given after-school detention that they learn they’ve been chosen as future magi, and until their “kindling” or training is complete, they’ll be the targets of a dark force.  Their lives as they have known it has suddenly changed forever and they are thrown into a battle between good and evil.

The three young magi encounter a variety of adventurous situations as they battle the forces of darkness.  One episode occurs when the teachers are trying to escort the students safely home.  The warriors of evil attack the car and almost successfully kidnap the youths.

Another time while the two families were visiting Disney World in Florida a violent encounter occurs with the Darkhands in the Small World ride. But before the attack is ended Conner and his sister Madi are found missing.  Madi is found but Connor is captured.  Thus the rest of the group is taken to a safe haven known as the Mockingbird Cottage.  Conner is taken into one of the tunnels by an agent of darkness and than he is rescued by a cherubim who gives him a choice.  Conner can return to his family or enter the realm of darkness to free those imprisoned by the darkness.  Connor decides to help and he enters the realm of Lady Nightwing in the land of darkness. He stops the darkhands from capturing the energy of a kindling boy, but at a terrible cost to himself.  Conner is tortured and then told that he has become a Darkhand.  In the meantime Lexa and Melanie are trying to locate Connor and they become trapped as well. 

These are just a few of the many battles that the magi and their guardians face in their fight against evil.  Will they prevail and will Connor become a hero? 

The book was well written and a very enjoyable fantasy.  There is much action, adventure, and suspense.  I think that readers will enjoy the magic and the action that they will encounter.  The plot is fast moving and the surprises keep coming, and I’m pretty sure from the way things end that there will be a sequel.

I would recommend this book to readers in grades 4th through 9th grade

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