Knit Your Bit

A World War I Story (2013)
Knit Your Bit


"Knit Your Bit" was a slogan of the American Red Cross during World War I when the Red Cross decided there would not be enough warm clothes for the soldiers over the cold winter in Europe.  Men, women, and children began knitting for soldiers.  There really was a "knit-in" at Central Park in New York City on July 30, 1918, which is the setting for this fabulous historical fiction. 

When Mikey's dad leaves to go overseas for the war Mikey wants to go too, because he's brave.  His dad points out that he needs to be brave to stay home too.  Mikey and his friends are dared to enter the knitting bee and they take the dare.  Mikey learns to make socks, sort of.  He finally makes one perfect sock, but can't make a perfect sock to match, and finds just the right thing to do with his one perfect sock. 

The illustrations remind me of Lois Lenski's work and there are five photographs on the end papers of knitting and sheep.  Hopkinson also includes a fascinating author's note.

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