The Kommandant's Girl


The Kommandant's Girl is the story of what an ordinary person will do in impossible circumstances. Nineteen-year-old Emma has been married three weeks then the Nazis invade Poland. Her young husband leaves her alone to go underground with the resistance, and when she returns to her parents' home in the Jewish ghetto she is imprisoned there with the rest of the city's Jews. Late one night she is smuggled out and taken to her husband's Catholic cousin. In order to remain safe, she must assume a gentile identity, the single girl Anna.

Emma/Anna's situation becomes even more complicated and dangerous when she is introduced to high-ranking Nazi officer Kommandant Georg Richwalder. He insists she work for him, and to refuse would be to raise questions she can't afford to answer. The situation provides Anna with the opportunity to spy for the resistance, but does she dare? Things become even riskier as the Kommandant's romantic feelings for Anna become clear. What will she do in order to be safe and protect those whom she loves? The Kommandant's Girl is a compelling story that is ultimately about what a normal person is willing to do in extraordinary circumstances.

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