Ling & Ting Share a Birthday

Ling & Ting Share a Birthday


Ling & Ting now star in a second book, Ling and Ting Share a Birthday.  These six year old twins may be twins, but they are not exactly the same.  The reader is challenged to look for the differences between them at the very beginning.  Through six short stories the girls receive new shoes, go shopping, bake cakes, make wishes, open gifts, and read a story.  Ling and Ting are delightful characters and I was so happy to see that there was a sequel to Ling & Ting: Not Exactly the Same.  According to an artist's note, the gouache illustrations were "inspired by 1950s children's textbook illustrations". 

Kirkus and Publisher's Weekly gave Ling & Ting starred reviews, and I do too!

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