Little White Duck

A Childhood in China (2012)
Little White Duck

Little White Duck: a Childhood in China is a superb memoir of the 1970s youth of Na Liu as she grew up in China, and is illustrated by Liu’s husband, Andres Vera Martinez.  An example of the great stories told in the book is the first chapter, where Da Qin (Liu’s nickname as a child) is four years old and learns that the grandfather she hardly knows has passed away.  This grandfather was Chairman Mao, and Da Qin doesn’t understand why she is upset, but cries uncontrollably anyway.  The illustrations are simply exquisite and capture the emotions of the stories well.  This book received multiple starred reviews, and was one of School Library Journal's best books of 2012.  Highly recommended for students in grades 4 and up, as well as for teens and adults. 

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