The year is 1959 and in Philadelphia, as in most cities around the U.S., people are swarming to theaters to see the new film, The Diary of Anne Frank. Everyone that is, except Margie Franklin. Margie leads a unassuming life as a secretary at a local Jewish law firm. She is a quiet, hard-working woman, eager to be a good secretary, but even more eager remain unnoticed. The reason behind her seclusion is that she is living a lie. Her real name is Margot Frank, older sister to the now famous Anne Frank, who somehow managed to escape Bergen-Belsen, come to America, and reinvent herself as Margie Franklin. As Anne Frank becomes a national sensation, it becomes obvious that Margie has a major decision to make. Does she continue to live her lonely existence as Margie Franklin or does she face the past and reclaim her life as Margot Frank?

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