May B.


May Elizabeth Bitterly lives on the Kansas frontier with her family. May wants to study and become a teacher, but her father needs her to earn some money for the familiy by living and working on the neighboring Oblinger homestead, but just until Christmas.  Mr. Oblinger has made a rustic sod house for his new young bride, who is not use to the roughness of life on the frontier. May cooks, washes and offers Mrs. Oblinger lessons of life on the frontier. Mrs. Oblinger does not return May’s kindness. An unexpected turn of events leaves May stranded in the sod house without a way home and winter bearing down on her. May’s gentle voice provides a soothing tone to a story in verse about a young girl’s determination to survive the harshness of winter on the frontier and return to the love and warmth of family.  This books is recommended for ages 8-12.

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