The Maze of Bones

Maze of Bones book cover

The story starts with orphans, Dan and Amy, left with a decision to make. Their Grandmother, Grace Cahill, dies and leaves a very interesting will. Her descendants have the choice to take a million dollars or take up the family hunt for the 39 clues that will make them extremely powerful. The descendants that take up this hunt will travel all over the world in search of the 39 clues to the family’s fortune. As Amy and Dan compete with other members of the Cahill clan they learn about their dead parents and some world history. They discover that many famous people throughout history were related to the Cahill family. There are seven teams that take up the challenge and compete against each other. These include the Holt family, Irina Spasky, Ian and Natalie Kabara, the Starling family, Alistair Oh, Jonah Wizard, and Amy and Dan Cahill. As Amy and Dan travel in search for the clues they must decide what’s important: hunting clues or uncovering what really happened to their parents.

In this first book the children encounter some life threatening situations and face many challenges. The story is fast paced and the reader will keep wondering what will happen next and what clues will be found. In this first book of the series there are only two clues found. You will want to keep reading the rest of the series to discover all of the clues.

These books are recommended for ages 9 - 12 or grades 4 – 7.

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