Middleworld cover
Middleworld is book 1 of The Jaguar Stones Trilogy.  
A fantasy set in the fictional country of San Xavier in Central America, the story is full of action, suspense, humor, and Mayan culture. Max, a fourteen-year old, is the son of two distinguished and well-known Mayan history archeologists. He is left at home with his housekeeper while his parents journey to an archeology site in San Xavier. While at home, Max enjoys TV and video games. He is surprised when he receives an airplane ticket to meet his parents in San Xavier. When he arrives he discovers that his parents have mysteriously disappeared -- and Max’s jungle adventure begins. 
Lola, a native Mayan girl helps him survive in the jungle and together they try to solve the mystery of his parents’ disappearance by making contact with the Ancient Maya gods.
In this adventure, Max is thrown into the challenge of saving his parents from the Maya Underworld and saving the world from the Lords of Death, who now control the power of the Jaguar stones. The Jaguar Stones are the five sacred stones of Middleworld – the Maya name for the world of humans, that gave the Ancient Maya kings the powers of living gods. Two ancient Maya rulers help Max and Lola in their quest: Lord 6 Dog and his mother, Coco, who have been brought back to life and inhabit the bodies of Lola’s two pet monkeys. Max and Lola encounter suspense, human sacrifice, smuggling, Maya temples, trap doors, secret escape routes, zombies, and the Maya gods’ eternal conflicts.
The authors have included an extensive appendix of information on the Maya calendar, pronunciation, math, writing, and cosmology.
Readers will enjoy the humor and the suspense of the story and at the same time learn about archeology and an ancient civilization.
The book is recommended for ages 11 and up.
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