Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Jacob Portman loves his grandfather, who tells him fabulous stories about his childhood adventures and kids he once knew.  As Jacob gets older, and his grandfather disappears on mysterious hunting trips, they start to grow apart.  Jacob begins to doubt the truth of his grandfather’s stories, and asks him  whether they really happened.    His grandfather pulls out some faded photos of childhood friends, and they are very peculiar.  After this Jacob begans to doubt the truth of the stories.


When Jacob is 16, the mysterious and sudden death of his grandfather causes him to imagine things—or are they real?  He finally decides to follow the clues his grandfather spoke with his dying breath.  His quest to discover the truth takes him on a journey he could never have imagined.


This atmospheric debut novel features good writing, well-drawn characters and a twisting and turning plot.  The haunting photographs add depth to the story.  This book should be especially attractive to middle school and older students who have already read books such as the Lemony Snicket series.  There are mild horror aspects, as the story does have monsters and descriptions of violence.  Adults and older teens will enjoy the imaginative story and unique photos.

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