Monkey and Elephant Go Gadding

Monkey and Elephant Go Gadding


Monkey and Elephant are all washed up with no place to go!  They look way too nice to stay home.  Monkey suggests they go gadding.  What is gadding, you say?  Gadding, "is walking along, looking around, finding something fun, stopping awhile, then moving on."  They first meet Elephant's Uncle Phump and get a nice surprise from him, and next run into Monkey's cousin MeeMee.  Another Surprise!  MeeMee has a new family, with three baby monkeys. Monkey and Elephant have had a great day of fun surprises.  This is the third book in the Monkey and Elephant series.  Great series for students who are past Mo Willems' Elephant and Piggie books and are at the Frog and Toad level. 

Don't miss the original Monkey and Elephant,

or the second book, Monkey and Elephant Get Better.


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