My dog : the paradox, a lovable discourse about man's best friend

 	My dog : the paradox, a lovable discourse about man's best friend
Matthew Inman drawing

The intro to this book begins with the quote- “Every Pet is a tiny tragedy waiting to happen”, (George Carlin).  But apart from facing the relatively short mortality of our pet “children”, this book is also an affirmation of the joys and idiosyncrasies that are part of sharing our lives with pets.

While this is a cute cartoon book, it is not meant for children. Some of the language is adult.  But it correlates to what it seems a barking dog is saying when chasing a car, or greeting you home. And it is funny.  (On the way to being neutered: “S*** yes! The car! Love the car! Wind and speed! Love the wind! Where are we headed anyway? Are we going to the park? Love the park!” Owner: “Dude I am so sorry.”).

The author hails from Seattle, where he began his career as a computer programmer. The Oatmeal is a comics and articles website Inman created in 2009.  He played the video game “Quake” a lot when he was younger and his alias was Quaker Oatmeal, which is how he got the name “The Oatmeal”.  He was an accomplished artist at a young age, as evidenced by this picture he drew of a bird in art class.  He built a dating website which he advertized by drawing comics. This eventually segued into his current popularity.

The book is (mostly) dedicated to Inman’s first dog, Rambo, who the dog character is based on. But readers may recognize many of their own dog’s behaviors and smile and maybe even shed a tear.



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