Never Too Young for Jane Austen!


 Part of the BabyLit® series, these adorable board books are fun for Austen fans of all ages.

Pride and Prejudice

Beginning with 1 English village, continuing with 5 sisters and ending with 10,000 lbs a year, this counting primer highlights some of the important numbers in Pride and Prejudice. Filled with allusions and tongue in cheek humor, this is a board book Austen lovers won’t mind reading to their little ones again and again.


Sense & Sensibility


Sense and Sensibility

 Touching upon the difference between Eleanor and Marianne at the heart of Sense and Sensibility, this book of opposites provides examples such as “Big (Norland Park)” vs. “Little (Barton College),” “Happy (Willoughby)” vs. “Sad (Colonel Brandon)” and “Noisy (Marianne playing the piano)” vs. “Quiet (the piano without Marianne).” You can expand your discussion of opposites and show your child the differences between your well worn copy of Sense and Sensibility and this adorable board book. Before long, you and your little one will be debating the relative merits of Edward, Willoughby and Colonel Brandon!



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