Paper Towns

Image: Paper Towns book cover

John Green’s Paper Towns imagines a unique high school queen bee named Margo Roth Spiegelman and the mystery of finding her. Quentin Jacobsen narrates the story, beginning with a childhood memory of finding a dead body in the neighborhood park with Margo. While Quentin and Margo grew apart over the years, he holds a flame for her and she holds the high school’s ruling class back from bullying Quentin too much.

That’s how things are until Margo appears in Quentin’s room covered head to toe in black and makes him her accomplice in a night of adventure and revenge. Then she disappears. But she left clues, and Quentin tries following them to find her. As he searches for her location, he learns things about her that lead him to consider whether he really know her. Who was she? Does she want to be found?

Like all John Green books, Paper Towns reads easy. It’s hard to put down and over before you know it. There’s a cast of characters you wish you knew in real life, like Quentin’s Wikipedia-editing obsessed band geek friend, Radar. And there’s the question for you to mull over, about whether you can ever really know someone—that’s the one thing that keeps it from being a light read, but it’s nevertheless a fun read and recommended for any teen readers.

This book is so good, you can get is as a book on CD, on a Playaway, download it for your MP3 player, or nab a paperback.

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