Paul Meets Bernadette



Paul is a tiny goldfish who lives in a fish bowl. Day after day, Paul swam in circles. You name a type of circle, and Paul could swim it! He never saw his world in the fish bowl differently. That is until another fish named Bernadette joined him. Bernadette loved to explore and to see what was happening outside of the fish bowl. With Bernadette, Paul began to discover a brand new world. A banana became a boat; a teapot transformed into an elephant; a pair of reading glasses looked like a butterfly; and more!

Lamb’s painterly illustrations capture the movement of Paul and Bernadette along with the metamorphosis of everyday objects into something else! The ordinary becomes abstracted through Paul’s and Bernadette’s point of view. In the end, this charming story gently reminds readers to let their imaginations go wild and try to see things in a different way. Paul Meets Bernadette is recommended for preschoolers through 2nd grade.

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