Pavement chalk artist

the three-dimensional drawings of Julian Beever (2010)

My interest in street art has led me to view numerous pictures on the internet.  Many are wonders of creativity and determination—from murals on a building to 3D art made from objects already in place.  Street art can have an important message or be a small scale drawing, there just to make you smile. 

One of my favorite types of street art is chalk art.  While temporary, in the hand of a master artist they can be incredibly detailed and convincing.  Chalk art combines art, creativity, perspective, and even performance.

One such chalk artist is Julian Beever.  He uses anamorphic drawing to create perspective by distorting the picture.  When viewed from the chosen perspective, the picture looks 3D, like you could step inside it.  Crowds surrounding his drawings show how passersby are intrigued and sometimes can become part of the scene.

I was happy and surprised to come across this book at the library.  Many of his most popular and convincing works are included, though he starts with his first creations.  You can see how his skill expands as he learns about the challenges of drawing in a certain place or at a certain angle.  For those who want to know how to do create anamorphic drawings the background and techniques are explained. 

Julian Beever has created chalk art around the world, and you will be amazed by the 3D world he creates!  View more on his website or check out this book.

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