Perfect Square

Perfect Square

This picture book surely lives up to its name. Not only is its story about a square, it is square! The book's shape is just one of many creative details that make this book so delightful. And it is just about perfect, too, with a clever but simple story, a good message, and colorful, playful, beautiful illustrations by artist and author Michael Hall. A perfect square is happy being just that, square and perfect. But when it is suddenly cut, torn, and otherwise changed, the square finds new happiness in adapting to each of the changes and transforming into other beautiful, more complex shapes.

Its gentle adventure would make it good for reading to preschoolers and up; its imaginative illustrations, and message of adaptation to change, would make it ideal for use in an art class, book discussion, or for inspirational reading for all ages. While an original work, it is in the same spirit as the works of Eric Carle, Leo Lionni and Lois Ehlert. Another wonderful, visually stunning book by Michael Hall is My Heart is Like a Zoo.

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