The Resisters

The Resisters book cover

This is the first book in a series designed for young readers who like fast-paced, space, science fiction adventures.  There are many elements of space machines, large fighting insects, and alien interactions. 

Set in the future, the story follows twelve-year-old Ethan Blackwood as he uncovers the truth about the Earth and finds his place in a fight against an enemy he never knew existed.  Ethan has always known exactly what he wants: to win the state soccer championship, to get into the best high school, and to become an astronaut.  But when he is kidnapped by Madison and Felix, he is told that his life isn’t as normal as he thinks.  Nothing is really as he thought it was.  They tell him that over 50 years ago the earth was taken over by mind-controlling aliens and that everyone he knows is under their control.  The only people the aliens aren’t able to control are the children who have not reached puberty.   Ethan doesn't want to believe them, but when he sees the aliens' monster bug robots and the incredible way that Madison and Felix have learned to fight them he has no choice but to accept the obvious.  
The fighting to save the earth is done by the children that have not become brain-washed.  Does Ethan become a resister and help with the resistance?  Will the plight of the world depend upon the small band of resistors that are hidden underground? 

The action will make it hard to put the book down.  The story is geared for Ages 9 – 12 or grades 4 – 8.

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