Rose Under Fire

companion novel to Code Name Verity

"Izabela, Aniela, Alicia, Eugenia, Stefania, Rozalia, Pelagia, Irena, Alfreda, Apolonia, Janina, Leonarda, Czeslava, Stanislava, Vladyslava, Barbara..." and so starts the counting-out rhyme of Rose Justice, 19 year old American ATA pilot and poet, ferrying Allied fighter planes for the British during World War II.

Returning from a routine mission to France, Rose is intercepted by the Nazis and taken political prisoner to Ravensbruck - the infamous women's camp that held 150,000 prisoners during the war. The names she recites are those of the Polish women in the camp known as "rabbits", because they were literally the subject of medical experimentation for the Nazis. This is a powerful, riveting story and an extremely important one.

The strength, courage, & bravery exhibited by the women of Ravensbruck under extremely harsh conditions is nothing short of astounding. As in her previous novel, Code Name Verity, Elizabeth Wein delivers another heart-wrenching and unforgettable tale. Look for this one to win awards and become a popular choice for book discussion groups. I highly recommend it.

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