Saving Audie

A Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second Chance (2011)
Saving Audie

The cover photo of the chocolate brown pit bull puppy with soulful amber eyes drew me to this book.  Saving Audie is a straighforward but heartwarming true account of this dog, one of many rescued from almost certain death in an illegal dogfighting organization co-owned by NFL player Michael Vick.  Kept for many months in shelters as evidence against the wrongdoers, with only numbers instead of names, the dogs faced an uncertain future.  While many people thought the dogs were dangerous and damaged forever, determined members of animal rights groups saw the dogs as victims worthy of a second chance at life, and pleaded with the court to give the dogs that chance. Upon testing, all but one of the 49 rescued dogs were judged safe enough to be adoptable.  Members of the groups gave the dogs socialization training, fostered them, and worked to find them permanent homes with loving families.

Athough the author provides facts about the illegal ring, she doesn't dwell on it, but rather keeps the focus on Audie and the other dogs, their medical and social rehabilitation,  and their remarkable progress against many odds, including a segment about how Audie got his fitting name.

Colorful pages with text of varying sizes frame poignant, sweet and often funny photographs of Audie and dog friends, as well as the people in their lives.  The book also provides lists and links to more information about pit bulls, animal organizations, dog care, and updates on the "Vick Dogs."

This real story of love, hope, determination and redemption can be enjoyed by almost any age; recommended for ages 6 and up.

This review is dedicated to Howdy and Midnight.

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