Scribbles and Ink

Out of the Box (2014)
Scribbles and Ink


Scribbles and Ink are back with their huge imaginations.  Ink is shopping online, and what he ordered is coming "super speedy express delivery".  It's cheese, but Scribbles wants the box.  Ink says, "Sure. Why not? It's just a box."  Scribbles loves his box.  He comes up with idea after idea of how to play with the box.  Then Ink wants the box back.  Then we come to a page where the two are both shouting "Mine!" while tugging at the box.  And the box rips in two.  How does one solve this problem?  With more online shopping, of course!  All of the boxes in the book are real photographs of boxes, which is a neat juxtaposition with the illustrations of Scribbles and Ink. 

 Compare this book to Not a Box by Antoinette Portis.

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