The Secret of Rover

The Secret of Rover book cover

This fast-paced thriller includes intriguing characters, realistic events, and many surprising story twists.  Pre-teens and teenagers who like spy stories with a lot of intrigue and action will enjoy this book.

The story follows the clever and resourceful twelve-year-old twins Katie and David as they race across the country in a game of cat and mouse with an international team of European revolutionaries to rescues their parents who have been kidnapped.   The children are unaware that the kidnapping has something to do with the top secret governmental program called Rover that their parents and uncle worked for years to create.  The children must first find their uncle, whom they have never met to help them locate their parents.  Their journey takes them across the country to Vermont and back to Washington D. C.

The story portrays the children as typical siblings with some bickering and disagreements, but a strong sense of family prevails in the plot.   The action is a cross between the Alex Rider adventures and a modern day Nancy Drew mystery.

Readers who enjoy adventure and espionage books will enjoy this story.  It is geared for grades 4th through 8th.

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